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Zinc is a free, finite element code capable of solving a wide range of physics and multiphysics problems. Static, steady state, transient and non-linear systems can be solved in 3-D space.

Zinc can solve pretty much any physics system which can be expressed in terms of second order differential equations. Example physics systems include: electrostatics, magnetics, elastic theory, thermal fluctuation and diffusion. Further, any combination of these physics theories can also be solved giving advanced multiphysics simulations.

At NPL, Zinc has been successfully applied to a variety of multiphysics problems including electric, elastic, piezoelectric, multiferroic and fuel cells systems. A near-infinity of other systems could also be solved including many scenarios in electromagnetics, mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid flow, heat/material diffusion and so on.

One of Zinc's strengths is its ability to link to arbitrary code prepared by the user. This linkage is achieved without the user having to know anything about the internal functions of Zinc. User-written functions can be prepared in any suitable programming language.

NEW (October 2016): Zinc goes open source!