Measurement Capability
Assessment Advanced Manufacturing Sector



The NPL Measurement Capability Assessment tool enables you to review your measurement capability, by answering a brief series of questions, and receive a bespoke report, free of charge.

The report is organised into 3 sections, and highlights:

  1. Immediate improvement requirements
  2. Potential benefits of meeting such requirements
  3. Action plans with direct access to products and services designed to lead to quantifiable benefits within the areas of improvement

The ability to understand and apply measurement knowledge has a direct impact on global competitiveness and productivity: improving measurement capability enhances business.

NPL has designed this Measurement Capability Assessment tool to provide organisations with increased autonomy in monitoring their measurement-related capability and requirements.

The tool will review critical areas of your business, and will generate a measurement capability report. This report will help you to identify measurement challenges, and will suggest products and services that can be implemented to increase your measurement capability, some of which are available free of charge.

Disseminating knowledge, transferring state-of-the-art expertise, and increasing measurement skills and competence is integral to NPL.

To access your measurement capability report, please follow these four simple steps:

  1. Agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use. Then, press “Start now”
  2. Select the professional profile that best describes your main role within your organisation
  3. Click on the statements that apply to your organisation
  4. Consider the summary of results and follow your bespoke action plan

Note that achieving a particular score in your Measurement Capability report will not formally establish your measurement capability. Any results provided by this assessment tool should be regarded as preliminary guidelines. In order to ensure your company has world-class measurement capability, the Measurement Capability Measurement tool’s results should be complemented by an in-depth measurement capability analysis carried out by accredited specialists. Learn more about the Product Verification Health Check

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